Genres: Royalty Free Music , Romantic Film Scores

Description: A soft and quiet piano movement. Suitable for film/television, romantic videos, documentary series, inspirational projects, photo slideshows and more…

Description: An atmospheric, calm and contemplative piano piece which uses rhythm and harmony to give a sense of time, nostalgia, discovery and determination. E Major/minor, 80 bpm.

Description: Contemporary slow tempo instrumental sad cinematic pop film music. This track sounds like a retro soundtrack for big movie.

Description: This track is peaceful, optimistic and relaxing. It is great for any kind of inspirational videos about beauty of our world and love stories. Its positive energy is also great for meditation and relaxation lessons, yoga classes.

Description: Bright pianistic riffs and romantic atmosphere. Sentimental mood and total relaxation. Thank you for being with us.

Description: Emotional piano melody with strings and orchestral percussion. Perfect for love story and romantic videos, wedding videos, inspirational and motivational videos, background, slideshow, social videos, films about memories, family videos, social video.

Description: The epic, cinematic, heroic trailer, action, track with dramatic, powerful emotional in orchestra with musical instruments strings, percussion, brass, drums, piano, good for adventure hollywood movie, intro, or film, where you can show dark war, intense,energetics battle, background of game

Description: Emotional and sentimental track with xylophone, marimba, orchestral pizzicato strings and piano that creates beautiful background emotions of love and inspiration. Also the track can be used for sentimental, romantic and corporate projects,commercials, trailers, video games, apps, and other media projects where tender atmosphere is required.

Description: A sweet and mellow romantic track. With piano arpeggios, strings and a gentle beat underneath, it will greatly fit your sentimental videos and movies' trailers.

Description: Inspiring, touching, hopeful, romantic, light, calm, gentle, emotional, soft music with a beautiful melody in a slow tempo. This track radiates tranquility, peace, love, tenderness, warmth and inspiration. Used Instruments: piano, strings, choir. This music can be used as the soundtrack to the film. The track is ideal for uplifting, romantic, love, emotional scenes, weddings, background, documentaries, romantic video, slideshow of pictures, YouTube, podcasts, commercials, advertising, TV programs and more.

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