Description: Create a relaxing and atmospheric mood with this track, acoustic guitar intro with a soft melodic piano creating a gentle and soothing moment that will relax your soul. soft violins and cellos close the track. Perfect for underscore and will work with a voiceover.

Description: Melodic and romantic piano waltz, feminine and light, playful and innocent. Romantic chamber music, alsmost pastoral. The track has an uplifting feeling that would be suited to some commercials. Overall the cue is warm and good hearted, very light hearted.

Description: Lush piano melody, warm and satisfying with an uplifting vibe that brings a smile to your face. Wholesome, Good, heartwarming leaving you with feeling of peace and tranquility. Fantastic for underscore for a romantic or family film theme.

Description: Beautiful acoustic guitar melody, very atmospheric, soft gentle piano and a meloncholic violin alongside warm orchestral strings allowing build and and movement. Solace will take you on an emotional journey. Perfect for dramatic underscore. Great for documentary or background music or music on hold.

Description: Beautiful Piano and orchestral strings, wonderful relaxing vibe, taking time out to enjoy a moment of tranquility. Would be suited to use on holiday or travel commercials or soundtrack for human emotion life changing moments.

Description: Stunning Piano underscore, uplifting and dreamy, relaxing and warm, perfect music bed for those life really can't get any better moments. warm orchestral strings take the track to another level, this will be a breathtaking score for any media production. Great for holiday underscore, scenes of nature and natural beauty.

Description: Peaceful and melodic this is a great underscore for advertising and commercial, playful, sweet, calm and relaxing, perfect for holiday adverts, family products, wedding videos and romantic moments, has a loving and affectionate vibe.

Description: Sparse Piano Keys, great for atmospheric, dramatic and emotional moments. Introduction of strings later in the track, will give you the option of using this track for a score, has a very cinematic feel, with the right visual it will be stunning.

Description: Beautiful acoustic guitar melody with soft sparse piano that will take you on an emotional journey. Perfect for dramatic underscore. Great for documentary or backround music/music on hold.

Description: Evocative piano and strings, warm and emotional, very pensive and moving. Perfect for underscore and has a dreamlike element. The orchestral strings sit underneath the track with a haunting female voice choir, perfect for life changing moments. Good commercial underscore as will compliment a voiceover

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