Description: This cinematic track for piano solo, classical style, is particularly elegant, modernly romantic and sweet. It adapts well to all projects that provide a relaxing and intimate background music, of not trivial taste.

Description: Catchy melody, cinematic and romantic moods in this track for solo piano. Suitable for films, videos, background.

Description: Inspirational and mlancholic track for solo piano, classical style, suitable for films, videos and background.

Description: Sweet and romantic looped track that recalls the dreamy atmosphere of japanese anime. Piano protagonist,softly accompanied by strings, flue and oboe.

Description: This is an orchestral track, contemplative atmosphere of poignant intimacy. Featured the song of the violin, which is interwoven with oboe and clarinet on a background of string. Suitable as soundtrack or as inspirational background.

Description: Intimate classical track, strongly cinematic character suitable for dramatic and romantic films and videos. The instrumentation includes piano, strings, cellos, pizzicato cellos, harp, flute, horn, flute.

Description: Looped track full of poignant intimacy and sensitive sweetness, in a delicate interweaving between the piano and the strings.

Description: Charming track, classic and cinematic feature, with cello and piano engaged in an intimate, poignant, delicate dialogue. Suitable to create special ambience in romantic or dramatic films. Wonderful also as background.

Description: Intimate looped track, classical instrumentation. Violin and piano on a sweet carpet of strings. Delicious romantic underscore for your projects.

Description: Ethereal and dreamy track in classical style, full of elegance and charm. Continuous piano arpeggio, strings, flute, oboe and harp for a touch of class in your multimedia projects.

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