Description: Peaceful, inspirational and uplifting orchestral track, featuring background choirs and a happy ending.

Description: Quirky orchestral featuring woodwinds and strings perfect for a children's story.

Description: Sparkling and light orchestral track with an uplifting feel and happy ending, perfect for an underscore to dialog.

Description: Shimmering ambient and non-obtrusive orchestral , great for dialog underscore.

Description: Cinematic orchestral track with transitioning moods from uplifting to dark back to goodness and light, perfect to underscore a fairy tale or story.

Description: Rhythmic and melodic modern orchestral track with an ethnic feel, featuring oboe and Asian percussion.

Description: A dark and evil ambient track featuring didgeridoo and Tibetan Monks.

Description: Dreamy and shimmery modern orchestral with a peaceful and ethereal feel, featuring harp.

Description: Dark and menacing modern orchestral with a feeling of impending doom.

Description: A sparkling and peaceful orchestral track featuring strings and shimmering bells, perfect for a snowy day.