Description: This piece begins tense but soon resolves into a calm peace after the end of a storm.

Description: A hero prepares for battle as this piece conjures up images of someone getting ready to kick some butt.

Description: A rock inspired theme suitable for a scheming bad guy with a lot of attitude.

Description: A huge Hollywood-style action score in the style of Hans Zimmer. Doom is on the horizon!

Description: A sad but majestic piece suitable for the death of a king or hero or a scene of resolution and hope.

Description: An energetic romp of a piece that could score battles or an intense confrontation.

Description: Mysterious piece that picks up into an up-tempo action romp.

Description: An intense and escalating fight sequence with high stakes.

Description: A high paced action piece with several Eastern instruments. Great for a Kung Fu style action scene.

Description: A powerful sad piece that could accompany a dramatic death scene.