Description: Looped track. Tension and anxiety, atmosphere of great dramatic impact, with a close dialogue almost entirely atonal between piano and cello. Ideal to create a sophisticated suspence for dramatic scenes.

Description: Short loop with a poignant and intimate melody of violin, on a sweet carpet sound of piano and strings. Ideal romantic audio logo.

Description: Loop with dominant sax over a carpet sound of piano and strings. Great melody for all projects.

Description: An ideal comment, cinematic character, for romantic images and videos. Sweet, melancholic and impressive theme, with dominant violin on a rich orchestral carpet.

Description: Orchestral track, cinematic character, with a lyrical and dramatic melody and classical structure. Rich instrumentation with obeo,piano,strings. Very intimate, great romantic atmosphere for dramatic and romantic films.

Description: Powerful cinematic loop, epic atmosphere, evocative instrumentation of great impact with vocals, strings, brass, piano, percussions. Ideal track for use as audio logo, action scenes and video games.

Description: Cinematic piano solo track, gently modern style, with dynamic contrasts and romantic accents. In background, for advertising web projects.

Description: Very elegant track for solo piano, classically made, with a melody that stands on a continuous arpeggio. Romantic and sweet, intimate and very beautiful, fine for many projects, audio logo, presentations and comment of images and videos.

Description: Cinematic piano solo track, sweet, intense and full of nuances, with bold tonal jumps. Excellent background, for TV and web.

Description: Cinematic piano solo track, with intimate and virtuosistic theme. Animated and romantic, ideal for videos and in background.