Description: Dark and ambient, "Guitar In The Shadow" is an unsettling track featuring a solo guitar on top of a bed of eerie pads. Perfect for suspense and horror films, this abstract piece is creepy and full of emotional tension.

Description: Emotionally strong and powerful, "Forever Seeking" is an intimate but stirring orchestral piece composed for nearly any emotional setting. Be it romance, loss, or an epic nature sequence, "Forever Seeking" will deliver the Hollywood power you need to enhance your project. Part drama, part inspiration, this score is perfect for your media!

Description: Intense and ominous, "Man of Iron" is the epic action score you need for any fight or battle sequence (preferably one with explosions). Great for action adventure scenes with a heightened emotion or heroic violence. With a slight touch of the Middle East, this is an outstanding track for a desert war or any kind of military scenario.

Description: Strange, but epic and upbeat "Cirque Du Obscurite" (Circus of the Dark) is an industrial - meets - film score adventure track. Perfect for an emotional action trailer, this is the sound of the diabolical yet wonderful trickery that happens in the seedy underground.

Description: Emotionally charged, yet still intimate, "Simply Heartbreaking" is just that. This is the tragic score of a loved one feeling immense loss. This is the sound of saying an eternal goodbye. Growing in intensity, this sorrowful piece is perfect for end credits, or even a bitter sweet trailer. While the overwhelming mood is mournful, there is an abundance of love and hope in there as well.

Description: Intense and extreme in its dark nature, "Disturbia" is the quintessential dramatic action score. Quick and rhythmically complex, this track's driving tempo is a perfect music bed for any intense chase sequence. Whether on foot, running from the cops, or car, or helicopter, "Disturbia" adds a deep layer of tension and suspense to your project.

Description: Mysterious and full of adventure, "Quest To Atlantis" will bring a mystical feeling to your project while pushing the action forward. Starting with an eerie feeling, it moves to an epic, rhythmic vibe as the piece moves on. With a heavy dose of suspense, this is a great track for a project of intensity.

Description: Indie rock meets emotional vocals in "And Then She Cries". Epic in sound, but intimate in emotion, this track is the perfect music bed for any powerful moment in your project. Whether it's tears of sadness, or immense joy, this score will cover both. It is intensely dramatic, yet inspiring at the same time. This would also be an outstanding piece of music for a sports or travel film. "And The She Cries" is a multi-purpose track composed to cover nearly any emotion.

Description: Light and bouncy, "Waterford Waltz" is the airy sound of butterflies flitting about. There is a sense of comedy to this piece - and a slightly mischievous smile will grow across your face as you listen. Happy and care free, this track is great for any intimate outdoor moments or travel montages.

Description: Sentimental and emotional, "Our First Christmas" is a simple yet magical track capturing the warm feelings of the holiday season. Loving and romantic, this delicate score will work well for any touching heartfelt family moment - any time of year.