Description: Dark, epic orchestral hybrid music that relies on huge percussion, epic cinematic strings, proud brass, choir, and haunting melodies to build to a massive climax. Perfect for trailers.

Description: Trailer music for cinematic projects, video games, and anything that needs that dramatic Hollywood sound. Builds from a modern electric guitar riff into a full statement for orchestra that is sure to catch your audience's attention and sell your project. Ending is flexible, and can be faded or allowed to end on a solid chord.

Description: Epic, hopeful, hybrid trailer music that starts with a simple idea and then builds to a huge finish. Featuring piano, hybrid electric synth, big epic percussion and strings, soaring brass melodies and ethereal voices, this works amazingly well in action trailers and any projects that need a full, modern epic trailer sound.

Description: Trailer music in the modern vein, featuring pulsing synths underneath an epic orchestral track. Builds from a simple figure in the low strings to a full-throated statement that includes epic synthetic percussion blended with traditional pounding drums. Built for modern cinematic promotional material, this piece clocks in at exactly 2:00 to give you and your editors flexibility and ease of use.