Description: Dreamy and bizarre dramatic background cue with hip hop elements reflecting the dark and dangerous side of urban life.

Description: A masterful string ensemble gives a solemn performance reflecting upon a forsaken people and the devastation of their lives. Deeply expressive music designed for documentaries, memorials, burials, funerals, war museums, investigative reports, The History Channel, National Geographic, PBS. In the style and tradition of John Williams’ haunting score to Schindler’s List.

Description: Epic dramatic music reflecting a dangerous world on a grand scale filled with catastrophic doom, death and destruction. Designed for disaster themes, dark documentaries, crime dramas, tragic events, CIA and terrorist news coverage, movie trailer music and video games.

Description: Major motion picture style epic music in the tradition of the soundtracks to Lawrence of Arabia, The Wind and the Lion and Ben-Hur. Masterful orchestrations paint an ornate musical tapestry of Arabian enchantment.

Description: Big movie studio style action-adventure theme in the tradition of blockbuster spy films. A musical mix of symphonic & electro elements reflect a dangerous world filled with high tech espionage and fanatical terrorism. Epic dramatic music designed for movie trailers, video games and military themes.

Description: Ultra dynamic action-adventure music with a militaristic flair featuring Classic Hollywood orchestrations in the style of blockbuster movie soundtracks. Epic dramatic music designed for super hero movies, war films and documentaries, espionage, CIA and military themes, movie trailers and video games.

Description: A gigantic drum arrangement creates a huge wall of thundering sound forming a dynamic soundtrack of testosterone driven adventure. Designed for sports spectaculars, championship playoffs and epic drama. Dynamic resounding music for movie trailers and video games.

Description: Super spectacular big movie studio style disaster music in the tradition of blockbuster movie soundtracks. Ultra-modern electro-orchestral music with a Sci-Fi cinematic vibe and dangerous attitude.

Description: Ultra dynamic electro-orchestral suspense music with a high tech vibe and dangerous attitude. The type of music heard in the soundtracks to blockbuster disaster movies and super hero action films. Think Iron Man, Robocop, X-Men, Marvel Avengers and James Bond.

Description: Deeply expressive romantic music with a film noir vibe in the style of a Clint Eastwood movie soundtrack. Sexy, slick and dreamy with a Classic Hollywood feel. Think Valentine’s Day, lingerie, seductive and passionate love making.