Description: epic battle theme, An inspired uplifting emotional battle very intense and dramatic.

Description: Guitar sad depressing dream dark atmospheric laughing

Description: “Funny Bunny Cartoon” is a short and funny musical passage thats ideal for any cartoon video.

Description: A Heavy synth Rock groove for a zombie action environment. Although could be used for any type of intense action piece.

Description: Evil scary music for horror or thriller movie. Inspired by John Carpenter's Halloween soundtrack. A suspense piano starts dark evil and ominous. Chilling creeping fx in the second half. Haunting evil Horror Thriller music for dark places, ramped up horror, Psycho nightmare. Opening intro or inside. evil, creepy, horror, Foreboding horror,, Anguished, Restless, Sinister, Occult, Mysterious, ominous, horror, Halloween, horror, epic, cinematic, scary, Threatening, horror, ambience, Dangerous, foreboding underscore, thriller, spooky, dark, foreboding, crime, Suggestive, soundtrack, Eerie, haunting, horror, thrilling, suspense, background, suspenseful, tense, panic, frightening, terror, horror, slow tempo

Description: Cheerful, playful music,full of joyful moments and positive inspiration with upbeat ukulele strum,pizzicato strings ,sweet bells theme and acoustic guitar solo.

Description: the pirate jig is based on old english melodies and paints a picture of sailing ships, cannons and cutlasses.

Description: Deeply eerie and disturbing music box melody overlaying a low haunting choir, cellos and creepy ghostly voices that makes your skin crawl. This terrifying piece is perfect for any horror, paranormal, suspense, mystery project, intense games, Halloween adverts or anything needing an ominous feel. 60 second version.

Description: This epic & dramatic track, starts with a powerful strings melody and sweeping Brass. this track is Ideal for Fantasy Adventure & journey cinematic films, science documentaries, commercials, logo reveals, and also will be useful for the Olympic sports content and cues, trailers and video game related contents.