Description: Piano, strings, horns and light percussion play slow emotional A/B pattern. Suggested for end credits, title sequences, dramatic montages

Description: stereo synth bass accompanies syncopated drums as synthetic vibes and piano trade phrases, suggesting electric “cool jazz.” suggested for scenes with mystery, 60 second spots.

Description: a/b/a arrangement of sad, single note piano motif, to quicker bridge of optimism, returning to initial motif. suggested for scenes of heartbreak.

Description: bowed bass plays simple motif, accompanied by sparse piano. suggested for scenes involving mystery or intrigue, resolves after 60 seconds.

Description: cello plays slow, haunting a/b/a pattern to resolution after 60 seconds. suggested for funeral scenes, sad transitions and foreboding film sequences.

Description: solo piano alternates light jazz riffs with 2nd part of lush chords, resolving after 60 seconds. suggested for minor key cocktail piano scenes.

Description: piano plays lush chords with subtle monophonic synthesizer to resolve slow, uplifting a/b progression. suggested for end credits, montages or quiet, intimate scenes.

Description: chromatic harp with pizzicato strings and percussion play a motif-driven piece suggested for intimate scenes of mischief or secrecy. similar to cues of desperate housewives.

Description: simple lush piano chords with percussion and bowed string bass set melancholy mood, in a-b-a pattern. suggested for lonely departing or nostalgic scene.

Description: simple piano chords resolve through close harmony pattern, with percussion and double bass. suggested for supporting uplifting, positive scenes, corporate or commercial spots.