Description: Low Piano chords with a slight beat and dark bass provide a suitable backing track to a questioning or suspenseful scene.

Description: A Piano and string combination provide a sentimental style opening before brass instruments (including tubular bells) start to appear mid way through the track making the piece slightly more dramatic adding a slight climatic build.

Description: Mid 1980’s retro synthesizers underscore this slightly hammy but emotional and dramatic ballad.

Description: Acoustic guitar and synth washes create a soap style theme with warm elements suggesting a sense of relief.

Description: Spacious brass instruments slowly rise with magical chimes and build up to a grand ending creating an epic style ending and inspiring piece. As the music play you could imagine a planet rising and beginning to get brighter as it gets more and more exposed.

Description: Swift, breezy flute combines orchestral strings to create a warm pleasant scene implying beauty and peacefulness. It could also work well for romantic or emotional cinematic purposes.

Description: Easy piano vibes create a simplistic, yet slightly romantic dance scene which suggests someone asking for the first dance at maybe a dinner dance or quiet restaurant.

Description: Surging orchestral string arrangement suggesting stakeout or building tension. Punctuated with dramatic percussive bursts. Builds to soaring climatic penultimate section before partially resolving. Strong repetitive bass motif throughout. Suggests crime or action drama.

Description: Sombre piano-based documentary style piece suggesting heart broken domestic scene. Features plaintive Harp and longing Strings.

Description: Reflective, light electric piano and soulful sax. Somewhat downcast, though determined, mood.