Description: This epic orchestral film trailer music can be used to promote your project in grand fashion. It begins with a sweeping intro, pounding drums, and fast violin passages. It then evolves into full orchestral hits that bring you to a rising crescendo and ends with a bass-filled heart pounding hit. Perfect for movie trailers, video games, youtube videos, or any type of promotional video!

Description: Flute Ethnic Mysterious Sparse Percussion Strings

Description: Drama, Cinema, Specialty, Warm, Tribal, Expressive, Simple, Driving, Percussive, in a Confident, Energetic mood, featuring Drums, Bongos, with a Fast tempo

Description: Spaghetti western orchestral theme ,version 1

Description: Flute Ethnic Mysterious Reflective Percussion Strings

Description: funny brass trumpet imitating the elephant with a bit of funky.

Description: Flute Ethnic Dark Reflective Sparse Percussion Strings

Description: Super Spy orchestral film music with a strong theme played on 1960s style guitar with a modern edge

Description: scored for the most delicate covert operation, this quiet, mysterious piece is scored for flutes, vibraphone and latin percussion.