Description: Modern and urban, "Midnight Grit" is hiphop - ish cue with a subtle emotional undertone. Great for the start of an epic action sequence, or a determined adventure scene, this dark track uses a heavy rhythm to raise your pulse rate and add a layer of suspense.

Description: Light and emotional, “An Intimate Walk” is a simple but elegant piano melody over sparse orchestration from violins, cellos, and harp. This is the perfect underscore for any tender moment in your film. Whether it’s a corporate montage, a flashback of fond memories, a soft one-on-one conversation, or a loving moment between lovers on a walk, this is the track you need.

Description: Tender and emotional, "Intimate Piano Solo" is precisely what it sounds like. Simple and raw, yet elegant at the same time, this track is the perfect subtle underscore for any sensitive or introspective moment. Whether it's a loving goodbye, a quiet hello, or just a soft romantic scene, you'll do well with this track. This is also an outstanding piece for background source music as it was composed in order to be edited to any length.

Description: Following the TV trend of using hip hop rhythm under a small orchestra, "Crossing The Tracks" is a modern beat driven cue for that darker moment in your project. Perfect for location settings, montages, of when the super-cool character pulls up in his flashy ride.

Description: Ominous and aggressive, "Soldiers Of The Dark" is a heavy action score for any of your darker projects. Whether it's a horror scene, a gothic battle in an epic war, or any moment where you need an oppressive, heart racing underscore, this is the trailer for you.

Description: Emotionally strong and powerful, "Forever Seeking" is an intimate but stirring orchestral piece composed for nearly any emotional setting. Be it romance, loss, or an epic nature sequence, "Forever Seeking" will deliver the Hollywood power you need to enhance your project. Part drama, part inspiration, this score is perfect for your media!

Description: Emotionally charged, yet still intimate, "Simply Heartbreaking" is just that. This is the tragic score of a loved one feeling immense loss. This is the sound of saying an eternal goodbye. Growing in intensity, this sorrowful piece is perfect for end credits, or even a bitter sweet trailer. While the overwhelming mood is mournful, there is an abundance of love and hope in there as well.

Description: Mysterious and full of adventure, "Quest To Atlantis" will bring a mystical feeling to your project while pushing the action forward. Starting with an eerie feeling, it moves to an epic, rhythmic vibe as the piece moves on. With a heavy dose of suspense, this is a great track for a project of intensity.

Description: A rhythmic and uplifting piece, “Journey to Success” is the subtle, emotional voice of persistence and teamwork, ever moving forward.

Description: An emotional piece of memories and victory. This is really two tracks in one… A beautiful string and piano melody – then an epic orchestra with the same music. Use it as one, or slice it up – either way, this is perfect for moments of memories and triumphs.