Description: A dramatic array of guitar strums and edgy piano chords backed with dramatic orchestral strings create a cinematic background track for dramatic film scene. The track suggests a heroic/epic film scene, combining a sense of hope, emotion and determination.

Description: Track starts slowly with a string and piano combination, which gradually builds offering a sense of inspiration, determination and resolve. Very useful composition for film promo or trailer to imply success, mournful loss, remembrance or heroic inspiration.

Description: A very colourful and delicate instrumental track featuring a large array of instruments such as piano, flute, xylophone, wood blocks and delicate strings to create a fun, happy, flowing childrens style track with beautiful flowing ups and downs throughout. Very catchy childrens melody provides chirpy atmosphere ideal for cartoon or animation.

Description: Longing strings play slowly creating a sense of beauty combined with loving piano chords gradually becomes a reflective and sensual track designed to contain elements of emotion and mysterious trauma.

Description: Eerie harp chords pluck quietly and timely at first, until both strings and brass are introduced at certain stages to create a more dangerous atmosphere, then slow fade away and return throughout.

Description: Questioning Flute and low piano chords create concerned suspenseful track designed to add threat and caution to a murder scene or drama project.

Description: Acoustic guitar and synth washes create a soap style theme with warm elements suggesting a sense of relief.

Description: Spacious brass instruments slowly rise with magical chimes and build up to a grand ending creating an epic style ending and inspiring piece. As the music play you could imagine a planet rising and beginning to get brighter as it gets more and more exposed.

Description: Swift, breezy flute combines orchestral strings to create a warm pleasant scene implying beauty and peacefulness. It could also work well for romantic or emotional cinematic purposes.

Description: Spiritual relaxing piano melody overlaid with acoustic guitar creating a pleasant spiritual melody suitable for tranquil relaxing end uses. Atmospheric synth effect add a spacious feel to the track which combines nicely with the piano chords. Very useful for spa, massage or health therapy use to help people to chill out and relax.