Description: Super disaster music in the style of the Japanese Mega Monster movies of the 1950s. Massive orchestral brass sections with awesome percussive textures create a cataclysmic earquake of colossal upheaval. Ultimate death and destruction music in the Classic Hollywood tradition.

Description: Ultra dynamic electro-orchestral suspense music with a high tech vibe and dangerous attitude. The type of music heard in the soundtracks to blockbuster disaster movies and super hero action films. Think Iron Man, Robocop, X-Men, Marvel Avengers and James Bond.

Description: Big movie studio style action-adventure cue featuring dynamic orchestrations with militaristic undertones. Designed for spy movies and war films, crime dramas, action scenes, movie trailer music, video games. Epic soundtrack music in the tradition of James Bond films.

Description: Ultra dynamic action-adventure music featuring Classic Hollywood orchestrations in the style of blockbuster movie soundtracks. Gripping dramatic music designed for crime dramas, chase scenes, super hero movies, film trailers and video games.

Description: Ultra dynamic industrial high tech music with a cinematic vibe and dramatic character. Designed for Sci-Fi projects, spy dramas, corporate branding, electronics conventions, software innovations and new gadget products.

Description: Ultra dynamic action-adventure music in the style and tradition of high tech special effects driven blockbuster movie soundtracks. Epic electro-orchestral dramatic music designed for super hero movies, war films & documentaries, espionage, CIA and military themes, movie trailers and video games.

Description: Heroic grand theme depicting high adventure with Classic Hollywood orchestrations in the style of an epic blockbuster movie soundtrack.

Description: Deeply expressive dramatic music with a cinematic flair reflecting the dramatic and mysterious aspects of human destiny. Designed for Film and TV music, documentaries, investigative reports, crime dramas, soap operas and movie trailers.

Description: Modern orchestral dramatic music with a world class cinematic vibe in the style and tradition of big blockbuster movie studio soundtracks. Imagine Spider-Man meeting Godzilla or the Earth vs. Flying Saucers or Zombies running amok.

Description: Epic cinematic music with a mysterious vibe and Sci-Fi slant. Features major motion picture style orchestration with ominous undertones. Think dark drama, black hole, the great unknown, post-apocalyptic devastation and natural disasters.