Description: this big, ballsy, bluesy, brassy, swingin' spy jazz theme begins with a baritone guitar groove and growling trombones.

Description: beginning with a child-like theme, this dark little waltz gets spookier as it goes along.

Description: heroic horns announce the arrival of the young hero with fanfare and bravado to spare.

Description: huge, brassy and sombre, the day of reckoning is an orchestral image of the imposing time of judgment.

Description: a slow, angular melody in the string section creates a creeping suspense, as if something terrible is about to happen.

Description: romantic piano sets the tone in this waltz tempo romantic cue.

Description: fast-paced orchestral action music, with lots of brass.

Description: sweeping adventure theme appears in the strings, the flute plays a quiet samba, then the horns and guitar open into a wide spy jazz jam.

Description: military rhythms and a huge brass section set the mood for this action/adventure cue.