Description: Intense and ominous, "Man of Iron" is the epic action score you need for any fight or battle sequence (preferably one with explosions). Great for action adventure scenes with a heightened emotion or heroic violence. With a slight touch of the Middle East, this is an outstanding track for a desert war or any kind of military scenario.

Description: Modern and urban, "Midnight Grit" is hiphop - ish cue with a subtle emotional undertone. Great for the start of an epic action sequence, or a determined adventure scene, this dark track uses a heavy rhythm to raise your pulse rate and add a layer of suspense.

Description: Bright and inspiring, “To Rise Above” features acoustic guitars, piano, and strings. An elegant and motivational track, this can be used in any corporate presentation, slideshow, or montage. It is also wonderful for tender, emotional moments of your film when you need an extra emotional tug at the heart strings.

Description: Sparse and hollow, "A Lonely Soul" features an ethereal instrumentation of manipulated guitars, glockenspiel, and choir to bring a sad sense of mourning and loss to your film moments in need of drama. Slow and dreary, this cue also carries the emotion of isolation, despair, and desperation even deeper in your film.

Description: Slow and dramatic, "All Alone" is a haunting and sad cue for any film moment with tears, reflection, or solitude. Featuring a hollow ambiance with piano and guitar, this lonely sounding composition will add drama and painful emotion to your project.

Description: Light, but majestic, "Reaching For The Sun" is an airy orchestra composition capturing the mystery and anticipation of waiting for sunrise. Flitty woodwinds and delicate strings keep this track playful and wonderous. This would be a fantastic underscore for any morning sequences in nature. There is also a curious space feeling to it as well.

Description: Simple but deeply emotional, “To Say Goodbye” is the perfect intimate piece for crying. Fear not! This is a piano piece with violin and a delicate harp in the back.. It’s not pure sadness, as there is a sense of hope and growth toward a better future.

Description: Light, bouncy, and airy, “Butterfly Ballet” is the ever-growing soundtrack to a butterfly’s secret dance and it flutters about. Even if you’re not a nature lover, this fun and quirky track can set the tone for any adventurous or exciting moment.

Description: Modern and gripping, "Epic Trailer 1" is the sound of current Hollywood blockbusters - in a 1:30 minute trailer. Heroic and grand, this powerhouse track can underscore any action or adventure sequence you can throw at it, ending in a nail biting moment of intensity to leave your pulse pounding

Description: This is the intimate-turns-passionate soundtrack of a build-up to that mind-blowing first kiss. Tender and sweet at first, “Before The Kiss” embodies the delicate affection of a new couple, then, after a moment of decision, the score soars into a powerful “Yes!” moment. Great for love scenes or anything with a climactic build.