Description: Pounding piano chords with delicate backing offer a sense of resolve suggesting an intense scene of investigation or conspiracy. Occasional tense violin elements feature creating a sense of nervousness or worry. An ideal track for TV or Film crime scene involving suspicion, trust or jealousy.

Description: Mysterious, magical chimes backed with deep bass and piano chords create a fantasy themed background track suitable for spooky, mysterious style projects. Excellent for nervy build-ups or enchanting magical adventures.

Description: A dramatic yet slightly comical blend of horror and intrigue, combining shimmering violins and distinctive gloomy bass which implies threat or danger. Very useful horror music for sarcastic horror scenes or animation purposes.

Description: Combination of electric guitar and electric organ create a relaxing, casual reception lobby style mood, featuring contemporary piano and zany synth quivers. Ideal music for on hold or waiting room to create a calm, professional atmosphere.

Description: Longing Oboe plays alongside sweet emotional violin strings and beautiful piano to create an emotional and sorrowful background scene suitable for pleasant scenes of beauty, romance or documentary uses. Very romantic with a slight Victorian edge.

Description: Comical slide blues guitar and playful flute combine to create a rural, entertaining track designed comical to bring a comical sense of mischief and playfulness with detuned piano.

Description: Pulsating trumpet with piano and glockenspiel creates a happy go lucky fun factor style melody suitable for childrens or kids themes. Very pleasant and carefree style track with bright playful instrumentals boasting character and fun.

Description: A dramatic array of guitar strums and edgy piano chords backed with dramatic orchestral strings create a cinematic background track for dramatic film scene. The track suggests a heroic/epic film scene, combining a sense of hope, emotion and determination.

Description: Dramatic piano and sensual flute in the background provide a peaceful yet sentimental melody with strong emotional elements. The track starts fairly depressing, however shows more happiness as it progresses making it useful for documentary or dramatic cinematic scenes.

Description: Chimes, electronic keyboard, piano and electronic synth washes create a futuristic space style track with an element of discovery and beauty. Track suggests drifting through space observing something special or amazing. Very useful for inspirational video, documentary or film scene.