Description: a perfect opener to a project. by film composers jeremy khawaja and timothy joseph wells.

Description: Lots of percussion, that ascends into an action epidemic. It is the leadup to the climax, everyone is preparing, lock the doors, load the weapons, and here we go. By film Composer Jeremy Khawaja.

Description: Dramatic and epic slightly scary orchestral cue that really enhances the opitimy of any character, By Film Composer Jeremy Khawaja.

Description: An epic and emotionally dark omnious and ambient piece that really lifts up the scene of oppression and opens up to the audience the truth and beauty behind a subject. In the end the character finds that the only escape out will be by his own actions, the actions of a man with determination. By Film Composer Jeremy Khawaja.

Description: In a world of mystery and romance, where the human race has thinned due to pestilence and war, only one small group of humans must rise against the ensuing evil that threatens the existence of happiness, and threatens the survival of themselves. By film composer Jeremy Khawaja.

Description: A very beautifully written film score to wildlife shows. By film composer Jeremy Khawaja.

Description: Part orchestra and part electronic. This piece envelops ideas that ponder the human mind, and fits vvery well with a few dramatic style scenes in projects of film and TV.

Description: Epic and beautiful action music, perfect for a film scene with a human chase or car chase. Also works very well in the background of a TV show. Or just use it in any production you want to go far with. Masterfully designed with you in mind by film composer Jeremy Khawaja.

Description: Epic and dramatic orchestrated piece, goes over great in film or TV music. Or just use it to open up the world to your website.

Description: Epic romance, or an undesirable moment in ones life. Really defines a great and important moment in any characters role. Perfect film music by film composer Jeremy Khawaja.