Description: Emotional orchestral sounds with dramatic theme, intense conversation and an air of magic

Description: Romantic, sad yet hopeful theme with solo violin and instrumental conversation

Description: A hero's theme ideal for trailers, cinematic videos and similar projects. The track is build mainly with orchestra instruments but also with some electronic elements. Some of the instruments used are string section, trumpet, piano, percussion, bass drum and horns. Mood of the track is inspiring, heroic, patriotic, epic and powerful. This item is registered with AdRev.

Description: Hard rock cinematic track for your epic movie trailers! Big sounding hybrid orchestral piece with heavy drums and guitars, electronics, big percussion and huge brasses. Perfect for extreme, action, military, martial arts, urban, sport video, advertise, promo videos and movie trailers.

Description: Mysterious unusual and intense track in the style of orchestral rock. Well fits for detective stories, halloween specials and investigation films.

Description: Intense and energic theme for a movie soundtrack

Description: Orchestral theme for a Fantasy setting.

Description: Driving faster and faster you hit the tunnel. Darkness with yellow lights beg you to go faster until you hit the other side. But whats on the other side?

Description: This instrumental has a romantic-turns-intense sort of feel to it. The piece starts off as pure acoustic guitar that builds and builds into an intense orchestra or strings and a unique piece of technology called an e-bow which is played on the electric guitar. The effect is a powerful phrase to end the song. As it is, this instrumental could be used in its entirety or in pieces depending on the application. This would fit great in film and short movies requiring a romantic and intense feel.

Description: Epic dramatic orchestral track. Starting with strings and piano, building up to the epic orchestral with choir. The piece is encouraging, heroic and thoughtful. Perfect for film/game trailers, commercials, videos, projects and so on. Included Instruments: Strings, Brass, Percussion, Choir, Stings, Drums, Taikos, French Horns, Violins, Violas, Cellos, Contrabass, Double Bass, Piano.