Description: An action cue with strings, brass and heavy percussion and lots of energy throughout.

Description: Cinematic Piano – romantic orchestral music. Inspirational cinematic simple melody with piano and orchestra. Great for romantic movies, documentaries, nature, ethnic and world productions and much more.

Description: Subtle, psychological beautiful piano item with dynamic rock, orchestral culmination.

Description: Pulsing bass pattern with eerie and sinister synthesizer. Great soundtrack music (possibly end credits) for an intense/thriller movie.

Description: Instrumental Composition. Romantic melancholy mood. It will be a great addition to your video!

Description: Instrumental Composition. Romantic melancholy mood. Shrill and charming melodic line! It will be a great addition to your film!

Description: An action and edgy track with lots of synth, lead guitar and strings.

Description: Epic Hero's Journey has a big and bold orchestral sound. The piece can be used whenever an epic atmosphere is required! It can be used to evoke a feeling of heroism, inspiration and triumph over adversity.

Description: Why not add some class and sophistication to your production with this rousing and exciting piece? Beginning with an evocative piano figure, the music builds up to a rich orchestral sound. Also available as a 1 minute, a 30 second and a 10 second version.

Description: Here is a song that sounds like Heroic Adventures, Epic, Action and Mystery Music. Perfect for any project you can think of! Great for Movies, Animations, Games, Websites to DVDs and impressive Presentations or any other products you can think of any kind