Description: An Epic Orchestral Cinematic Soundtrack. Impressive Asian melodies. Perfect for drama romantic movies and documentary films about south east asia.

Description: orchestral movie score - from the arctic dream collection.

Description: oboe and orchestra movie theme - from the mantid dream collection.

Description: orchestral movie score - from the endocrine orchestra collection.

Description: We are in an abandoned town with the stench of rotten corpses and a mix of dangerous chemicals. Mutants and/or zombies or alien monsters sneak arond the corners. Darkness, and mist floats through the streets. Spooky background music for a film or a video game.

Description: cello and orchestra concerto - from the emerald dream collection.

Description: Dark, Dramatic, Intense, Melancholy, Aggressive, Suspenseful

Description: Drama Vocals Drone Mysterious Sparse Bells Harp Strings Synth Female