Description: Dramatic theme featuring framedrum, woodwinds, piano, strings, brass, chimes, cymbal, and male choir

Description: I honestly don't know how to describe this track. Horns, melodic solo electric guitar, support from a solo trumpet, strings, percussion, and a strong ending. I guess I described it.

Description: This moody theme mixes Asian and African instruments with ambient electronics and simple piano work

Description: A dynamic rhythmic track featuring only percussive instruments

Description: Tense western theme, featuring cellos, violins, french horns, oboes, timpani, violas, and choir

Description: Dramatic orchestral theme featuring solo trumpet, brass, percussion, strings, choir, and woodwinds

Description: Adventure theme featuring Bass Drum, Pizzicato Bass, French Horns, Cellos, Violins, Snare Drum, Trombones, and Oboes

Description: Dramatic theme featuring Bawu (Wind Instrument), Strings, Horns, Percussion

Description: Dark, nouveau western-style theme with orchestra, organ, lead electric guitar, tabla, percussion

Description: An orchestral theme that might work well in an adventure or horror setting, dark brass accents and driving percussive moments