Description: An atmospheric and tranquil orchestral track featuring cellos and hi strings. Good for scenes and settings that needs an atmospheric feeling of serenity.

Description: Dynamic orchestral adventure track that builds to several climaxes throughout the piece.

Description: Cinematic orchestral theme conveying heroism and sacrifice. Suitable for trailers and commercials

Description: An adventurous and uplifting orchestral track featuring strings, brass, woodwinds and orchestral percussion. Good for trailers, advertising/commercials, film/tv and games.

Description: An epic and cinematic track that builds to a climax. Featuring brass, strings, epic percussion and choir. Good for tv, commercials, film and games

Description: An adventurous and uplifting orchestral track featuring the full orchestra and epic percussion. Good for film/tv/video, commercials/advertising and games.

Description: A bright and passionate motivational track featuring piano and strings. Good for commercials/advertising, film/tv/video or any project that needs positive music.

Description: Heroic and climatic cinematic theme featuring epic percussion, brass and strings. Good for trailers, film/tv and games.

Description: An uptempo and intense action track with low brass stabs and braams, fast percussion and string ostinatos. Good for action scenes.

Description: A majestic and heroic hybrid theme that builds towards a climax. Featuring strings, epic percussion, choir and powerful brass. Great for trailers, tv/film and games.