Description: an instrumental guitar rock track. driving and simple, a good background piece.

Description: this guitar based instrumental is a slow bluesy groove with a distinct melody.

Description: a 60 second version, instrumental guitars create a serene, meditative mood.

Description: this instrumental track is big, upbeat, fast, and positive.

Description: electric guitars, bass and drums. it's a thick layered rock, jazz instrumental with a cool drum track.

Description: this is a driving electric guitar track with drop d tuning and cut time drums. this is a 60 second commercial version.

Description: a 30 second version of sleek and sneaky. electric guitars, bass and drums, this instrumental is a slow and funky groove.

Description: an acoustic guitar instrumental that's kind of a folk blues combination with a little harmonica in the background.

Description: an acoustic guitar instrumental track, upbeat and laidback.

Description: this is an instrumental piece. acoustic guitars, bass and drums. it's very easygoing, light and kind of backwoodsy.