Description: Drama, Drama-Action, Action, Anticipation, Dangerous, Determined, Percussive, Urgent, Tension, Suspense, Strong, Serious, Mysterious, in a Mysterious mood, featuring Drums, Electronic, Synth, Percussion, Strings, with a Mid tempo

Description: Cooky Harpsichord Comedy Dance

Description: dramatical piece with a fast staccato sound, deep brass and deep percussion drums. suitable for action, hunting and car chase. D Minor

Description: Flute Ethnic Mysterious Reflective Percussion Strings

Description: Old theatrical style of musical 'vamp until ready', featuring small band consisting of piano, drum kit, trombone, flute, xylophone and tuba. Think Vauderville, Music Hall, 'I say, I say, I say' comedy. Perfect for commercials - could be extended. Main mix 30sec & underscore 30sec versions

Description: Funny track with light strings and brass. Great for reality TV show with funny parts, family scenes, and underscore.

Description: Classical, Classical-Pop, Drama, Drama-Human Emotions, Beautiful, Bold, Magical, Panoramic, Passionate, Pastoral, Pleasant, Dramatic, Dreamy, Retrospective, Romantic, Expressive, Flowing, Gentle, Tender, Warm, in a Majestic, Reflective mood, featuring Orchestra, Strings, French Horn, Woodwinds, Flute, with a Slow tempo

Description: A dramatic and fast-paced, piano-centric theme that loops seamlessly. This track consists of fast-moving piano with background strings and flute.

Description: A hopeful and inspiring piano solo theme for use as background music in a corporate video or film.