Description: Raw, barbaric percussion describes a grueling fight, primitive ritual, or cruel act. Whirling drum, rain stick, and foot stomps make a distinctly aggressive mood. Do Advanced search for related themes. Tags: mp-pulse; Artist: moodpaint

Description: A slow and mournful violin grieves along with a piano at bad fortune and ill omens. Crystalline percussion hints at a tender underside.

Description: A fast action adventure theme urges an epic hero swoop in and save the day... but there are consequences.

Description: Raw, percussive music with an explosive ending. Great for suspense scenes, chases, and action trailers.

Description: Viola and vibraphone conspire to create a gloomy mood. Sparse arrangement has a distinct artistic quality.

Description: Silly mocking voices sing "doo doo" to describe a humorous situation. Great for commercial ads or comedies.

Description: A brassy, bombastic march for an imperious leader. Great for portraying Nazis, polemic speeches, war and destruction, or any cruel audacity.