Description: Dark cinematic opening logo with low rumbles, electricity noises, zaps, explosions and various other fx.

Description: A classic western hero theme. You be the good, let them be the bad and the ugly ;)

Description: Comedy, Game Show, Cinema, Melodrama, Sappy, Passionate, Expressive, Zany, Confident, Campy, Bold, Dramatic, Festive, Fun, in a Positive, Fun, Happy, Exciting, Playful mood, featuring Organ, with a Slow tempo

Description: A short piano theme in the style of a silent film.

Description: Zany Humor Quirky Comedic Fun Playful

Description: brief, pulsating, suspenseful cue that brings tension to any scene.

Description: Orchestral film score with "spy" guitar on an ominous discovery.

Description: Spotlights, red carpets, camera flashes, and movie stars

Description: orchestral film score; serious, then spoof of spy films featuring trumpets.