Description: Strut your stuff on the runway or battlefield. Just strut hard! Hard drums and crazy synths. Strut Hard 2 features drums with more of urban feel and hard electric guitar.

Description: A sexy, warm little tune. Lovers on a flight to Paris, a ballet dancer in New York or a mysterious but intriguing character with a view to kill. Piano, synth, vibes and guitar.

Description: Suspense and premeditation with a bit of seduction thrown into the mix. Charming, isn't she? Flute, clarinet, strings, piano and beautiful windchimes.

Description: The chosen one has arrived! Crowds gather in celebration. The temple can be seen in the distance. Tabla, bells and flute are prominent.

Description: Moving product through the streets of a dangerous city. The law could be around any corner. Can you trust your homey? Slight west coast feel. Prominent synth.

Description: The beginning or end of a sacred journey. Prominent strings, piano and south american flute.

Description: Prominent piano, guitar and asian plucked strings. Swelling pads add to the mood. Great for contemplation or a moment of quiet training or concentration.

Description: Action and drama with a break or two for a tender moment or kiss. Prominent guitar and bass. Save the world!

Description: Extreme action and suspense set in the future. Prominent drums, horns and brooding strings.

Description: Dramatic track with prominent strings, synth, urban rhythm and asian/south asian percussion.