Description: An ever changing and bizarre orchestral and mixed genre presentation. Comes off as light and humorous.

Description: Sounds like raw fear, coming danger or evil. Creates an unnerving vibe.

Description: Native American Imagery with modern touches. Excellent for documentary and commercial applications.

Description: An image of beauty, vast expanse, whales and wonder created by choir, guitar and light drums.

Description: Creates the image of hallucinations and confusion in a Native American context. Psychedelic sounds build and rhythm takes the track to busy and intense.

Description: Creates the texture of Africa, travel, tribal scenes and action. Excellent for documentary, commercial and feature film applications.

Description: Unsettling sound swirls with ghostly sounds and a female moan mixed in. Creates a very foggy, dark and uncertain imagery.

Description: Modern Native American rock using samples of the traditional mixed with blistering lead guitar.

Description: Heavy percussion with a Middle Eastern vibe. Even includes an electric guitar that pushes the intensity. Fast paced action and intrique.

Description: Sounds like CSI, action police drama or other busy-ness.