Description: Big, dramatic, action orchestral piece. Ideal for action film sequence.

Description: Ambient electronic piece with electronic pulses, percussion and piano drifting over top.

Description: Epic orchestral piece with dramatic brass melodies, lyrical woodwinds, and gothic chorus. Ideal for action/adventure/fantasy film.

Description: Orchestra piece with sweeping passages, lyrical melodies, and dramatic swells that builds to a triumpant ending.

Description: Film score for dark thriller with introspective moments and disturbing climaxes.

Description: Spaceous electronic piece with classic guitar, ambient soundscapes, percussion, and lush strings.

Description: Dark, Dramatic, Intense, Adventurous, Mysterious, Stressful, Suspenseful, Sneaky

Description: Adventurous, Dramatic, Intense, Mysterious, Suspenseful

Description: Uplifting, magical, dramatic, optimistic, inspired.