Description: Epic and full of adventure, "Take Heart" is the Hollywood styled orchestral score dripping with passion and emotion. This track would sit well under any heroic moment in your project. Perhaps your hero must choose which destiny to follow? This is a fantastic dramatic piece for any large scale sequence needing a driving sense of purpose.

Description: Boldly going into the final frontier, "Enterprise" is an epic adventure on a trek through the stars. Invigorating and mysterious, this is an outstanding piece for any action oriented sci-fi project. Bright and upbeat, this orchestral track is an inspiring nod to space exploration and the indomitable spirit behind it. Great for sports and travel projects too!

Description: Percussive and ambient at the same time, “Zombies Go Uhhhhh” is dark voice of the undead. Great for haunted house background noise or any dark, creepy moment in your horror or thriller flick, this track will add intensity to nearly any shot…. Speaking of shots, on zombies, always aim for the head.

Description: Full of life and sweet, sweet emotion, "Love Story" is an outstanding cue for wedding montages or slideshows. Continually growing in intensity and joy, this track will bring a sense of sincerity to your project. Originally used for a promotional commercial for a wedding photographer, this great track can now bring a light and loving mood to your own journey.

Description: An intense action\horror chase track—I imagine this is what would be playing if I were chased through a labyrinth of sewer pipes by demented clowns and serial killers.

Description: Dark and ambient, "Guitar In The Shadow" is an unsettling track featuring a solo guitar on top of a bed of eerie pads. Perfect for suspense and horror films, this abstract piece is creepy and full of emotional tension.

Description: Magical and epic, "Mystical Adventure" is a playful yet dramatic piece to underscore any project. The music grows slightly in intensity over the course of its short length, making it an ideal score for travel sequences and montages in action, scifi, fantasy or magic films.

Description: A dark and whimsical action comedy adventure track. Great for a dark montage, credits, or opening sequence.

Description: Morbid and grotesquely creepy “Time In The Dark” is the haunting sound of time passing as one learns to accept their fate. Perfect for any horror film or haunted house, the deliciously dark voices on this track give you an intensely uneasy feeling.

Description: Largely cinematic in design, “Neverland” takes you on an epic orchestral adventure.