Description: This is cinematic dubstep, cue opens with a dark undertone of menace and then leads into an exciting action build. All of the dubstep sounds you expect to hear but with dark vibrating orchestral strings which I have distorted under the track.

Description: Stunning piano cue with an emotional cello which is both mournful and yet uplifting. Soaring strings, an Instrumental ballad that will take you on a journey of emotions. Great for finacial product advertising, a cue which is wholesome and has integrity, a product you can trust.

Description: Melodic harp that will take you away to another world of sweetness, innocence and bliss. The cue entrances its listener you will become mesmerised and lost in a place of your own memory. A cue symbolizing honesty and integrity.Great for advertising or underscore theme.

Description: Forgotton features an enigmatic harp with melodic piano with sentimental strings. The style is romantic, gentle and elegant with a sentimental tone invoking angelic innocence. Heavenly and pastoral it takes you to a place of elegance and beauty and leaves with a thought of what might have been..

Description: Dark, dramatic piano introduction, leads into a tense emotional and moody film soundtrack, good options for edit mean you can have an entire filmscore to cut here, great for moments of high drama, has elements of darkness and fear, screeching electric guitars and kit with strings later in the track for depth, great soundtrack.

Description: Exciting drums and choir voices, very powerful and atmospheric. Good build and tight end. Great for trailers, adverts, gaming and cinematic underscore.

Description: Energetic, industrial guitar intro, full of anger and aggression, will suit sports action, YouTube vids, gaming, will work well with cars and motorbikes and energetic visuals.

Description: Emotive piano with a poignant violin and cello, sparse nature of the track will work well as a music bed, great for those journey moments in life. Calm and relaxing vibes, an underscore that will add depth and emotion to any media production.

Description: An exciting 30 sec music cue, building drums and metallic sounds. Great for trailers, adverts, gaming and cinematic underscore.

Description: Powerful, cinematic underscore, big drums and choir voices, very exciting, something about to happen... Great for gaming and cinematic underscore.