Description: Evil, scary horror and creepy orchestral music. A guitar starts dark, ominous, string section follow. Chilling powerful effects and spooky glockenspiel. Horror in dark places, ramped up horror, Psycho nightmare, fear everywhere, Freddy Jason elm street. Edgy building Foreboding and evil. Anguished, Cinematic, horror Dangerous, Dark, horror Edgy, Eerie, Evil, horror Freddy Jason, Ghosts, Halloween, Haunting, Horror, Mysterious, Nightmare, horror Ominous, Paranormal, horror Psychological, horror Restless, Satanic, Scary, Sinister, horror Terror, Threatening, creepy, horror crime, demons, elm street, exciting, frightening, halloween, hitchcock, mysterious, omen, panic, psycho, soundscape, soundtrack, suspenseful, tense, horror the exorcist, thriller, thrilling, horror trailer, underscore, aggressive, dramatic, intense, horror mystical, slow tempo

Description: Epic cinematic Sci-fi ambience for a documentary film about space. Floating and dreamy dark ambient for the solar system. Underscore for cinematic atmospheric sky. technology, earth, discovery, opening, intro, space, documentary, closing, Sci Fi, travel, mars, galaxy, futuristic, cool, dark, ambience, Mystical, Suggestive, Dangerous, Magical, Cold, Spacious, Atmospheric, Hypnotic, Thoughtful, Earthy, Mysterious, Lost, Dreamy, Reflective, Inspiring, Spirited, Abstract, Deep, Contemplative, science fiction, background, underscore

Description: Intense epic orchestral music, Cinematic majestic piece for action, adventure, fantasy film, trailer or Anime. Intense rhythmic string section builds up to a big epic orchestral Hollywood finale with big pounding drums and brass for your next trailer. Aggressive, Booming, Building, Dangerous, Dramatic, epic Driving, Explosive, epic Forceful, successful, Heroic, Majestic, Marching, Patriotic, Powerful, epic Triumphant, Victory, epic War, epic Warzone, epic action, epic adventure, epic battle, battlefield, black ops, bombastic, cinematic, fast, fps, games, hans zimmer, military, pounding, soundtrack, trailer, warfare, big, epic, video game, game play, heavy, intense, glory, honour, brass, cello, drums, strings, 21st century, fast tempo

Description: Evil orchestral music. Inspired by Halloween and The exorcist theme. Cinematic evil piano and Chilling powerful brass, The end is inspired of Tubular bells by Mike Oldfield. evil Cinematic Horror, Dark, Scary, Halloween, horror intense, Haunting, Ominous, horror Eerie, spooky, horror foreboding, horror Creepy, Mysterious, horror fear, Suspenseful, horror Action, Thrilling, horror Sinister, horror tension, Terrified, horror medium tempo

Description: Evil scary music for horror or thriller movie. Inspired by John Carpenter's Halloween soundtrack. A suspense piano starts dark evil and ominous. Chilling creeping fx in the second half. Haunting evil Horror Thriller music for dark places, ramped up horror, Psycho nightmare. Opening intro or inside. evil, creepy, horror, Foreboding horror,, Anguished, Restless, Sinister, Occult, Mysterious, ominous, horror, Halloween, horror, epic, cinematic, scary, Threatening, horror, ambience, Dangerous, foreboding underscore, thriller, spooky, dark, foreboding, crime, Suggestive, soundtrack, Eerie, haunting, horror, thrilling, suspense, background, suspenseful, tense, panic, frightening, terror, horror, slow tempo

Description: Music for the big Hollywood movie. Lot of orchestral movements and build ups. War is here, thundering intense brass with nice build ups. In Jerry Goldsmith tradition. With a intensive tone and marching war drums and basses. Think Stargate. For the war, big bold epic. marching, powerful, science fiction, heroic, military, sci fi, combat, Jerry Goldsmith, warcraft, patriotic, energetic, heavy, dramatic, action, war, adventure, warfare, battle, War, Patriotic, Powerful, Victory, Warzone, Forceful, Triumphant, Heroic, Dramatic, Dangerous, Explosive, Driving, Majestic, Booming, Aggressive, Building, soundtrack, trailer, pounding, big, intense, epic, cinematic, starwars, tension, suspenseful, thrilling, exciting, tense, slow tempo

Description: Halloween Horror, evil, eerie and creepy orchestral music. The piano intro of Horror adventure similar the Halloween theme. Creepy thrills & chills! Horror in dark places, ramped up horror, Psycho nightmare, fear everywhere for your next big movie, game, etc. Evil, horror Cinematic, Horror, Dark, Scary, Haunting, horror Ominous, Halloween, Dangerous, Edgy, Anguished, Restless, Nightmare, Eerie, horror Ghosts, Psychological, Terror, Tension, Thrilling horror, Sinister, Foreboding, Mystery, Video Games, trailer, Satanic, sci Fi, Paranormal, terrifying, underscore, Silent Hill, ambient, horror Drone, ambience, bad, feeling, engine, suspenseful, horror exciting, tense, panic, frightening

Description: Halloween Horror, evil, scary and creepy orchestral music. A guitar starts dark, ominous, string section follow. Chilling powerful effects and spooky glockenspiel. Horror in dark places, ramped up horror, Psycho nightmare, fear everywhere, Freddy Jason elm street. Edgy building Foreboding and evil. Cinematic, Evil, Horror, Scary, Dark, horror Haunting, Ominous, Halloween, Dangerous, horror Edgy, Anguished, Restless, horror Nightmare, Eerie, Ghosts, Psychological, Terror, Sinister, Mysterious, soundtrack, Threatening, soundscape, Satanic, horror Paranormal, crime, horror hitchcock, psycho, intense, aggressive, mystical, dramatic, horror mysterious horror, omen, halloween, the exorcist, thrilling, creepy, horror underscore, thriller, trailer, demons, suspenseful, horror exciting, tense, panic, frightening.

Description: Reflective sad cinematic piano in slow tempo. Background music with lonely longing restrained feeling for reflective settings. Made for drama film, advertise, documentary, TV, slideshow, flash,video etc. Calm peaceful reflective piano music. background, calm, cinematic, contemplative, dark, documentary, drama, easy, emotional, film, lonely, love, meditative, mellow, moving, peaceful, piano, poignant, quiet, reflective, romantic, sad, sentimental, slow, solo piano, touching, tranquil, video, warm, slow tempo

Description: Grand Epic Nature is big epic majestic pompous trailer music with a modern dramatic cinematic feeling. Cinematic dramatic Hollywood music with a strong powerful sad heroic beautiful emotional melody. Inspired by Hans Zimmer , audiomachine, Two steps from hell, Immediate music, Thomas Bergersen among many others. action, adventure, advertising, awesome, background, big, cinematic, commercial, dramatic, driving, drums, energetic, epic, fast, fast strings, film, forceful, game, hans zimmer, hard, haunting, heavy, heroic, hollywood, impressive, intense, majestic, movie, nature, orchestral, patriotic, pompous, powerful, proud, soundtrack, sports, strings, strong, trailer, video game, youtube, confident, inspirational, poignant, fast tempo