Description: Beautiful acoustic guitar melody with subtle strings that will take you on an emotional journey. Perfect for dramatic underscore. Great for documentary or backround music/music on hold.

Description: Energetic, industrial guitar intro, full of anger and aggression, will suit sports action, YouTube vids, gaming, will work well with cars and motorbikes and energetic visuals.

Description: Grunge style guitar intro with a driving kit, aggressive and full of teenage angst! I have mellowed out the track with some electro synths and then brought the heavy guitars back in to close the track. This is a great music bed for sports action, cars and motorbikes, product launch and internet advertising.

Description: Striking dramatic strings with a dark grooving bassline, electro synth sounds move the track along and give it a fresh sounding vibe. Great for any car commercial, web promo, product presentation that you want to stand out from the crowd.

Description: Playful percussion with a bit of cheeky brass, cue has a ticking clock melody, this is a good music cue for games, time is running out, beat the clock. Great for children’s media, cartoon or animation soundtrack, will also suit comedy underscore for family fun scenes. Music to make you smile!

Description: Emotive piano with a poignant violin and cello, sparse nature of the track will work well as a music bed, great for those journey moments in life. Calm and relaxing vibes, an underscore that will add depth and emotion to any media production.

Description: Tense and dramatic suspense music bed, great for moments of high drama. Despite its elegance the cue has a menacing tone that will work well for dramatic underscore.

Description: An exciting 30 sec music cue, building drums and metallic sounds. Great for trailers, adverts, gaming and cinematic underscore.

Description: Atmospheric underscore, cinematic drums with haunting choir voices with exciting strings and synths. Great for trailers, advertising, gaming and cinematic underscore.

Description: Powerful, cinematic underscore, big drums and choir voices, very exciting, something about to happen... Great for gaming and cinematic underscore.