Description: Powerful and Epic electro tribal rock track in a bombastic and dramatic determined music. For action, war and conflict scenes in trailer, film soundtrack and TV. Wild, strong and climatic.

Description: Intense and suspenseful, fast and short Electro Orchestral soundtrack. Uptempo, tense and fearful underscore with bombastic bear and bass, horns and strings. Perfect for running away, escaping, driving at night, action and adventure scenes in film, TV and video game. Burning speed and powerful tension time lapse score. Hard, dramatic and awe, Frantic, dynamic and strong

Description: Percussive, dramatic and triumphant orchestral theme with electric guitar rock elements. Epic, adventurous and glorious For soundtrack relating to Battle, Action, triumph and majestic journey. A wild adventure film score perfect for exploring, quest, war and conquering. A powerful cinematic music that is dynamic, heroic and courageous.

Description: Mysterious cinematic theme. Mystical, melancholic and atmospheric cinematic track with slow motion evolving nature. Flowing, soft and longing underscore. Featuring high and lonely choir melody for mystery, loneliness, heart breaking, mournful but hopeful and wholesome scenes in video, film, and tv.

Description: Lonely and sad instrumental cinematic theme. with piano, flute melody and claps. Nostalgic, hopeful and pensive, quiet underscore. A silent romance and touching atmosphere for feelings of loneliness, loss, pain, melancholia and somber in films soundtrack, break up scenes and yearning emotions.

Description: Short and longing cinematic piano and acoustic guitar. Sad, melancholic and romantic. Simple and melodic, delicate underscore for scenes of love, sadness, loneliness, heartening and hope.