Description: Dramatic guitar with a hint of dub step percussion. Good for a fight scene, or motivation for an intense moment. Internet, video games to movie, theater, and TV projects. Has obscure boxing ring "bell".

Description: Tension building frenzy. Good for a reveal in a video game, film, TV game or reality show.

Description: Ambient guitar chords delivering a subtle feel and emotion.

Description: Short sorrowful piece with an ambient background and soothing vocal.

Description: String and percussive rhythms deliver the bound and determined emotion to reach a goal, fight, or any other type of action.

Description: A heavy guitar rhythm layered with lots of percussion and stingers. Orchestral string rhythm kicks in to add tensity.

Description: A solemn piece featuring a female vocal following melodies of an ambient guitar.

Description: A beautiful piece reflecting the emotions of romance, both love & loss. Featuring cello, and strings over minimal piano chords.

Description: Sweeping string melody over pulsating bowl rhythm. Mood carries a hopeful dream.

Description: An appealing piece featuring a flute melody over strings and abstract bells with a low, bowed guitar rhythm.