Description: Dark Suspenseful Mysterious Action Drama With Strings And Synth

Description: Light Airy Mysterious Dark Comedy With Piano And Shaker

Description: Drama Big Confident Drums Strings Energetic

Description: Cinema, Drama, Drama-Action, Building, Confident, Determined, Dramatic, Active, Big, Ambient, in a Confident, Powerful mood, featuring Drums, Electronic, Orchestra, Brass, Strings, Synth, Guitar, Electric, Piano, with a Mid tempo

Description: Sci Fi, Documentary, Drama, Drama-Sci Fi, Industry & Technology, Monotonous, Celestial, Repetitive, Technological, Floating, in a Mysterious mood, featuring Synth, Percussion, with a Slow tempo

Description: Bouncy Drastic Driving Frenzied Synchopated

Description: Drama, Drama-Action, Action, Anticipation, Dangerous, Determined, Percussive, Urgent, Tension, Suspense, Strong, Serious, Mysterious, in a Mysterious mood, featuring Drums, Electronic, Synth, Percussion, Strings, with a Mid tempo

Description: Dangerous Tension Builder With Conch And Synth

Description: Drama, Drama-Action, Drama-Suspense, Drama-Tension, Active, Action, Aggressive, Agitated, Anticipation, Big, Brash, Chase, Dangerous, Dramatic, Driving, Dynamic, Edgy, Epic, Evil, Excited, Explosive, Ferocious, Frantic, Horror, Intense, Urgent, Tension, Suspense, Sinister, Percussive, in a Aggressive, Exciting, Powerful mood, featuring Percussion, Orchestra, with a Fast tempo

Description: Flute Ethnic Mysterious Reflective Percussion