Description: "The fart song" This is the story about three talented musicians that ate in the wrong place before a concert.

Description: Aggressive, Dramatic, Intense, Mysterious, Suspenseful, Stressful, Energetic

Description: Adventurous, Dramatic, Intense, Mysterious, Suspenseful

Description: Epic Heroic - cinematic orchestral music. Epic heroic track with different percussions, brasses, strings. Powerful, dramatic, pounding - marching into battle, brave and heroic. Perfect for epic, action, war, thriller, video game developers. Inspiring epic music, exciting intro, or battle scenes. Great for sports - competition, Olympic Games and other sporting events.

Description: Why not add some class and sophistication to your production with this rousing and exciting piece? Beginning with an evocative piano figure, the music builds up to a rich orchestral sound. Also available as a full length version (3:12), a 30 second and a 10 second version.

Description: Hybrid Trailer is an intense and powerful track meant to be used in a trailer or a movie scene to add the “Action” elements to it. The song features a full orchestra playing along with a very powerful Brass section, also adding a choir to really emphasize the action element. The song can be used in projects like videos, trailers, action scenes, etc. We hope you like it. Thank you! Moods of the song are: Intense, energetic, epic, hybrid, trailer, video game, orchestral, action, etc.

Description: Emotional is an inspiring song meant to create a feeling of melancholy yet somewhat motivated to do good things. The song is very much like something you would find in Inception and movie like it. The song consists of a piano accompanied with strings which are later joined by a brass section and choir to make it more epic. The song can be used in movie scenes, trailers, videos, speeches, and many more. We hope you enjoy it and thank you for your time! Moods of the song: Inspiring, motivational, epic, cinematic, intense, suspenseful, Hans Zimmer, Inception, orchestra, brass, piano, etc.

Description: Secret Place - mysterious melody about hidden things, suspense and anxiety mood. Dismay and worry feelings. Instruments: Violins section, woodwind, epic drums, cello, horror effects.

Description: Pulsating distant empty Sci Fi instrumental.Ideal for space travel,empty void landscape.

Description: Epic action-adventure music featuring Classic Hollywood orchestrations inspired by the blockbuster movie soundtracks to Conan the Barbarian, Harry Potter, X-Men and The Lord of the Rings. A mysterious rider on a pale horse blazes a bloody trail through an ungodly world of doom and destruction at the end of days.