Description: Inspirational and light-hearted piano track with strings and bells. Bright and careless composition. Seems like the discovering of something amazing. This beautiful and inspiring piano piece is perfectly suited for social film, advertising, wedding or motivational videos. One for all the moments of strength, inspiration, wonder, pride and dedication.

Description: A very peaceful track that is meant to evoke feelings of hope, dreams and love. When needing an inspirational and emotional background, nothing can match the lovely elegance of the piano. Romantic Piano Impressions is a beautiful piano composition. Let this fulfilling piece fill your project with hopeful and joyful emotion. Great for commercials, advertisements, films, television, and wedding videos. А sense of tenderness, innocence and grace.

Description: This track is dramatic, tense and hugely epic. It has been created for those wanting a huge balls-out intro / trailer track. The track includes a build up of instrument sections into a rise which drops into huge drums, strings and choirs performing a series of spiccato articulations. The music includes a full string section, choirs, huge dhol drums, epic choirs, megahorns, and various sound design textures.

Description: Driving and energetic epic electronic action and technology news music. Tense and modern music related to Corporate, News flash, Action and Technology. Strong and dark, edgy, dramatic and urging soundtrack with dramatic digital synth, dominant bass, epic electronic drums.

Description: Melodic, epic and powerful orchestral track with a memorable theme that builds from very quiet to a loud climax. Good for trailers, tv/film and commercials.

Description: A sad melodic track with many orchestral instruments such as violins, choir, cellos, ethnic flute, clarinet, obua and deep boom. It's half hollywood styled and half ethnic dramatic soundtrack. Terrific for desert scenes, Lawrence of Arabia type stories, and science fiction.Ideal for ending credits.Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Sad Music

Description: An intense trailer song with women choir.Dramatic epic uplifting structure. Simple and loopable. Edgy and pushy choral female voice supported by dramatic piano chords. The wishes can't come true. Ideal for cinematic movies, drama shows. Instrumental Orchestral Sad Music.

Description: Soaring and piercing the human heart, this piece will lift your audience to new patriot and heroic levels. Cinematic in nature, they will feel like they are in the moment albeit they are still in their seats. It is perfect for placement in a movie, TV series, award ceremony, documentary, military event, advertisement or historical celebration. This is a song you can’t pass up.

Description: A sad, moving and complex piano solo piece with strings.