Description: Epic heroic orchestral music. In the best tradition of Hollywood blockbusters. Very energetic, dynamic, epic corporate motivational uplifting track with magnificent development. Features powerful strings rhythm and surround drums. Perfect for corporate videos, promotions, advertising, news programs, news block, after effects, web and TV projects.

Description: Chillout ambient electronica. Hope, love, adventure, trust, sadness, happiness, emotional, longing

Description: Heroic Trailer - Dramatic Powerful Trailer! Description of "Heroic Trailer" Heroic Trailer is big epic majestic pompous trailer music with a modern rhythmic dramatic cinematic trailer feeling. Cinematic dramatic Hollywood music with a strong powerful sad beautiful emotional melody. ”Heroic Trailer” is made for use as: Breathtaking epic intro, inspirational cinematic background music, corporate action advertise video, inspiring powerful epic intro, extreme sports video, impressive cinematic corporate presentation, powerful epic cinematic slideshow, beautiful dramatic pompous commercial video on youtube, animation, promotional infomercial, flash, after effects, etc. Inspired by Hans Zimmer , audiomachine, Two steps from hell, Immediate music, Thomas Bergersen among many others.

Description: This is a funny, fast and happy jazz track with a saxophone.

Description: Cinematic Synths 1 Perfect for motivation and corporate projects,romantic videos, inspirational projects, photo slideshows, documentary, commercials, presentations, Film and TV, as well as other new media applications.

Description: A slow, contemplative piano driven orchestral piece that builds to a powerful climax.

Description: A guitar-driven suspense theme in the style of 28 Days Later. There is no resolution to the building tension.

Description: An experimental choral sci-fi trailer score with epic mood. Main instruments are electro guitar, strings ensemble, acoustic guitar, choir, sound designs, dubstep elements, riser effects, cinematic impacts, heavy drums, bram hits, female vocal and electonic synths. Heavy, powerful, intense, dramatic, escalating, loud, modern and epic. Ideal for commercial use, movie trailers, video games and product introductions. Track is releated as movie trailer, film trailer, orchestral music, orchestral trailer, sci-fi trailer, blockbuster trailer, video game soundtrack, movie soundtrack, epic soundtrack, trailer music, experimental trailer, trailer score, sound design trailer, epic dubstep, epic rock, epic trailer, orchestral rock, intense trailer, dramatic trailer, choral trailer, dark trailer, hollywood trailer, energetic, edgy, hard, pushy, tension, massive, explosive, uplifting, action trailer, instrumental music, background music, electro-orchestral and cinematic trailer.

Description: This Medium Tempo Score Track, starts very calm and mysterious with an effected Pad and electric Stabs.The delayed Guitar give some Tension.Strings, IDM Drums and Percussions are interjected with a follwing electronic Baseline.Tension rises as something big is about happen. It sounds mysterious, confident and dark. Very good for crime scene investigation and Action Movies & Trailer, also nice for electronic Product presentations and Car Commercials.

Description: Uplifting and positive pop/rock track. Driving electric guitars, muted and delayed. Perfect for presentations, advertising & Travel.