Description: Loop with dominant sax over a carpet sound of piano and strings. Great melody for all projects.

Description: Church bells and gloomy church organ combine to create stereotypical haunted house or halloween style theme tune, suitable for creating dark, scary fictional horror themes.

Description: Perfect for an dark opening prologue underscore, “Deadly Prologue” begins rather understated, creepy, and mysterious – and grows in intensity, dynamics and emotion.

Description: A heroic, military-inspired track to highlight the bitter-sweet emotions of your military film.

Description: A fun, slightly bitter-sweet Summer track.

Description: An intense action\horror chase track—I imagine this is what would be playing if I were chased through a labyrinth of sewer pipes by demented clowns and serial killers.

Description: Deeply grungy and gritty, “Altered” is the intense track for all your horror or suspense needs. Layers of lo-fi synths and percussion tell of the horrific altered reality in which the undead walk. Violent and aggressive, this industrial track can lead you down some dark roads.

Description: Bold, driving, modern & dramatic percussion track, pushing forward into the danger zone, with stops, hits, stabs and FX. Very big & cinematic. Great for action, chase, impending danger, warfare, battle, horror & works equally well for documentary & commercials. Various mixes

Description: A briskly paced action movie film score opening similar to composers like John Williams. The orchestration draws the viewer in with that sense that something truly monumental is going to happen. Useful for opening of film, tv, radio or internet site sequence. Features faux full orchestral scoring.

Description: Intense orchstral and electronic track with a dark, retro atmosphere. Could be used for a battle in a zombie movie, for example.