Description: Romantic emotional cinematic romantic music. Ideal for a slideshow, love scene, advertisement, presentation, trailer, film, film, wedding video or any other project.

Description: A great underscore and background for documentaries, film, videos that deal with deep subject matter such as introspective, humanity, enlightenment, reflection, contemplation, hope. The first 60 seconds are synth pads and subtle female Asian voice effects. A very captivating piano, guitar and bass enters with various percussion. Ethereal atmospheric dark hypnotic poignant.

Description: Intricate composition for a troubled soul.

Description: Only the great inspector known as Dr. Robbins is mentally equipped to solve this murder crime.

Description: Coming to the sad realization of the reality that aging happens much faster than you think.

Description: An urgent call to action preceding an intense battle scene.

Description: Now provoked, this warrior is most determined to conquer the enemy!

Description: A powerful and driving science fiction mystery theme.

Description: At the initial stages of investigating a disturbing and gory crime scene.

Description: Following a disaster in a post-apocalyptic world you just don't know where to turn.