Description: Dynamic and driving Electro Pop / EDM Fusion. Fashionable relentless beats blend with contemporary keyboard sounds and electric guitars, to give real urban drive and forward motion. Great for advertising a range of products from cars to youth fashion clothing. Radio and television commercials. 60sec and 30sec full and underscore mixes

Description: Instrumental music with two versions: made for piano solo, and piano and cello. The music is descriptive and a little bit melancholic. The rhythm is slow and it's leaded by a piano, playing the main notes and the general dynamic of the composition. The style is very near to ambient acoustic melodic and new age, with a simple but effective melody. In the case of piano version, the same piano is playing the oactaved upper notes of the melody, emphasizing the melodic nature to the composition.

Description: Powerful and dramatic music for films epic scenes

Description: Calm relaxing vintage with sea background music for scenes in films, background in hotel, restaurants, ads

Description: Vintage music for scenes in films, corporative aims, trailers, ads, etc

Description: Tragic calm slow and sad piano melody for films, video, funeral process, etc

Description: Background music for dramatic war scenes in films, ads, games, etc

Description: This future track is perfect for trailer, video games, films and presentation.

Description: Instrumental composition made for piano and orchestra. The style is very near to soundtrack and classical music, and the music starts with an uplifting piano, playing the main harmonies and rhythm of the general composition. The mood is uplifting, positive and romantic, and depicts a romantic and positive autumn scene in nature. This music fits very well in positive and upbeat scenes, maybe in corporate, reports and other with same mood, as a background or credits.

Description: Epic Trailer is an epic, inspiring and powerful cinematic trailer music soundtrack to present your action, sci-fi, fantasy, adventure and war game and movie. Use it as trailer, teasers, promos, advertisement, slideshows, timelapses for tv, documentary, radio and cinema production.