Description: an instrumental underscore, background, or theme piece. it's an easy groove of electric guitars and a rhythm bed.

Description: acoustic guitar track with drums and bass. upbeat and relaxed, a positive feel.

Description: this is an easy groove instrumental featuring jazzy guitar chords and lead lines. great theme or background music.

Description: this is an instrumental track with acoustic guitars and percussion. it's slow and moody, like a cold day.

Description: electric guitars, bass, and drums. it's layers of guitars with a unique melody and a cool groove. tasteful lead work also.

Description: this is a mood piece, it's like driving fast down the highway late on a summer night.

Description: this is an instrumental piece. it's acoustic guitars, bass, and percussion. it's upbeat and happy, a very good mood piece.

Description: a hypnotic instrumental in a medium groove, minor key shifts to major key mode and back again. interesting theme music.

Description: a mid tempo groove, chord driven, and tasty lead work.

Description: this is a heavy mid-tempo rock instrumental track with drop d tuned guitars.