Description: chamber music style harpsichord piece with french horn, woodwinds, cello & percussion. suggested for patriotic scenes, or settings of tradition and ceremony.

Description: slow piano piece accompanied by harpsichord and strings. suggested for setting of a formal funeral, serious narrative or bittersweet love scene.

Description: solo mellow piano composition with bridge, similar in feel to musical plays such as rent. suggested for intimate love scene, end credits, or montage.

Description: slow solo piano piece reflecting grief or unrest. suggested for intimate scenes of loneliness, sympathy or serious narrative.

Description: piano is accompanied by strings in a slow, haunting piece suggested for use as a requiem, funeral procession or in a lovesick emotional scene.

Description: piano is accompanied by strings in a haunting piece suggested for tragedy or a lovesick emotional scene. quicker tempo than long version, minus bridge.

Description: simple piano chords resolve through close harmony pattern, with percussion and double bass. suggested for supporting uplifting, positive scenes, corporate or commercial spots.

Description: simple lush piano chords with percussion and bowed string bass set melancholy mood, in a-b-a pattern. suggested for lonely departing or nostalgic scene.

Description: simple peaceful cadence with classic synths trading lush chords with subtle percussion. suggested for relaxed scenes of resolution and closure.

Description: chromatic harp with pizzicato strings and percussion play a motif-driven piece suggested for intimate scenes of mischief or secrecy. similar to cues of desperate housewives.