Description: A Musical piece used when someone realizes they are trapped, or are looking for a way out of a bad situation.

Description: Perfect end credits type of song to end your thriller or horror flick on a sad note.

Description: Slow, ominous, and part sad theme for a Creepy or unsettling moment within a horror or thriller.

Description: Same piece as Something Creepy Slow Mix, but with a more synth feel.

Description: A part 3 mix of Something Creepy, featuring a more profound piano presence, and synth guitar pick melody.

Description: A Drum and Bass syle track which could be used for the emergences of a vampire or zombie.

Description: A horror rock-ish synth tune, with a bluegrass style guitar picking rhythm

Description: A song that can be used for trailers, or any type of action sequence for any type of indie thriller or horror film.

Description: A bassy synth mix mash of themes that can be used for Horror films. Part Action, part somber, part explosive.

Description: A Heavy synth Rock groove for a zombie action environment. Although could be used for any type of intense action piece.