Description: A beautifully written intense action piece in the style of Hans Zimmer. Check this one out!

Description: A fast-paced Chinese-influenced piece suitable for action.

Description: A peaceful piece with a nice groove. Incorporates some Chinese/Asian elements.

Description: A fast-paced intense action/battle scene that continuously grows in suspense.

Description: A film score piece which invokes the pain of losing lost love ones while conveying the joy that their memory leaves behind.

Description: A man lost in the desert or feeling alone trying to find his way. Uses some Asian instrumentation.

Description: A battle is on the horizon. Prepare for war! A film score track in the style of Hans Zimmer.

Description: A piece written in Chinese/Japanese styles.

Description: A soaring intro track that is suitable for big scenes of open country, palaces, empires, etc. Utilizes some Chinese instrumentation.

Description: Begins with some spooky sounding music and turns into an electric guitar driven action piece with plenty of intensity!