Description: A heroic, orchestral to the passions, heroism, and triumphs of the Olympic Games. Deeply emotional music has become a tremendous voice in how we view these global games. This is my contribution.

Description: Heavy on the drums and abrasive, “Graveyard Chase” is the chillingly perfect track for those chilling and intense horror flick sequences. Designed to be emotionally uneasy, I’d suggest listening with the lights on.

Description: A heroic, military-inspired track to highlight the bitter-sweet emotions of your military film.

Description: Super fun and upbeat, “Jammin Journey” is the perfect corporate track to get your team motivated to succeed. You can’t help but to feel inspired, energetic, and ready to go!

Description: A rhythmic and uplifting piece, “Journey to Success” is the subtle, emotional voice of persistence and teamwork, ever moving forward.

Description: A fun, slightly bitter-sweet Summer track.

Description: Starting rather simply, “March Attack” grows in intensity as a perfect underscore for the approach of an army of any sort—military, orcs, vengeful children… you name it.

Description: An emotional piece of memories and victory. This is really two tracks in one… A beautiful string and piano melody – then an epic orchestra with the same music. Use it as one, or slice it up – either way, this is perfect for moments of memories and triumphs.

Description: Introspective and slightly dark, “Missing” tugs on the heart strings as this lonely piano plays a simple melody above soft strings.