Description: Early horror genre feel featuring sharp elements of haunting classical motifs with sinister background wash.

Description: Sombre piano-based documentary style piece suggesting heart broken domestic scene. Features plaintive Harp and longing Strings.

Description: Short, tense piano based sequence with omminous piano chords and piercing high strings, punctuated with doom base notes. Has down beat, forbodeing feel.

Description: Surging orchestral string arrangement suggesting stakeout or building tension. Punctuated with dramatic percussive bursts. Builds to soaring climatic penultimate section before partially resolving. Strong repetitive bass motif throughout. Suggests crime or action drama.

Description: Classic horror style piece with chilling piano couplets and nightmarish vocal phrases. Creepy ascending choir passages add to the feel of unease.

Description: Traditional Indian style instrumentation with a hint of threat and menace symbolised by atonal elements, which could suggest regional conflict.

Description: Crisp elements of Electric guitar combined with beautiful piano chords creates drifting atmosphere with hints of regret and sorrow.

Description: Powerful detuned piano designed to combine with questioning bass and sharp harpsichord phrases climax to suggest serious, suspicious, dangerous mood.

Description: Rugged retro 1980’s police hunt style piece with serious theme and elements throughout including subtle pauses with resumes to re-emphasize dramatic tension.

Description: Waltzing Accordian and swift strings create Ballroom dance style piece.