Description: Boldly going into the final frontier, "Enterprise" is an epic adventure on a trek through the stars. Invigorating and mysterious, this is an outstanding piece for any action oriented sci-fi project. Bright and upbeat, this orchestral track is an inspiring nod to space exploration and the indomitable spirit behind it. Great for sports and travel projects too!

Description: Light and emotional, “An Intimate Walk” is a simple but elegant piano melody over sparse orchestration from violins, cellos, and harp. This is the perfect underscore for any tender moment in your film. Whether it’s a corporate montage, a flashback of fond memories, a soft one-on-one conversation, or a loving moment between lovers on a walk, this is the track you need.

Description: Epic and instantly gripping, “We Will Win” is nothing short of an inspirational call to battle. Slightly military – all motivational, this track will make you feel like you can take on any challenge… and win.

Description: Tender and emotional, "Intimate Piano Solo" is precisely what it sounds like. Simple and raw, yet elegant at the same time, this track is the perfect subtle underscore for any sensitive or introspective moment. Whether it's a loving goodbye, a quiet hello, or just a soft romantic scene, you'll do well with this track. This is also an outstanding piece for background source music as it was composed in order to be edited to any length.

Description: Starting small and intimate, “Third Hope” grows into a large, orchestral call-to-action motif.

Description: Gentle and emotionally charged, "Soft Inspiration" is a simple cue featuring piano, strings, and delicate woodwinds. Subtle yet powerful, this track sits well under any quiet or tender scene, a subdued montage, or a slow motivational project.

Description: Contemporary and similar to what is trending on current TV shows, "Modern Emotion 2" is a rhythmic, ambient cue for use inside any project which needs some simple emotional drive.

Description: The title says it all.. This simple and repetitive track features piano, cello, and light percussion. Capturing the movement of the human spirit, this is a great underscore for the inspirational moments when you need to move forward.

Description: Modern and dramatic, "Let Her Cry" is a soft, yet moody underscore composed to inspire a sense of longing, regret, and reflection. With a gentle piano, strings, and a tiny amount of synthesizer, this cue will highlight that lonely drama feeling you're after.

Description: Sparse and simple, Gentle Piano is slow and incredibly emotional piano and strings underscore for any soft, emotion filled project. Part inspirational, part bittersweet, this soothing cue can be romantic, dramatic, or even serve as a light lullaby.