Description: A smooth mellow and elegant latin bossa jazz track. The song features electric guitar and flute interplay with the piano providing support and counter melodies. A gently pleasing tune useful for Films, TV, Radio, Video Games or as background music for advertising, publicity, promotions, and products

Description: A full orchestral type movie music track featuring swash buckling brass screaming strings big bass drum hits a humorous minor melodic melody over a beat that bounces merrily sails along. Useful for animations cartoons video games scenes with bumbling pirates background music for kids commercials etc

Description: A medium slow, mellow, relaxed, and pensive theme song track featuring two guitars, electric bass, and a touch of drums that enter towards the end bringing the song into a gentle climax. Really pretty piece for your film, tv, video, radio project as an opening credit back track or as an underscore.

Description: Dramatic track, driving, chilling mysterious new age cool bed Dark, brooding, moody, perfect for psychological thriller, broken hearted romance, lovers departure. Cinematic, hypnotic, Sci Fi, detective stories, tangled yarns or paranormal events. Great opening theme for media projects. Lead guitar, Instrumental, Mission Impossible

Description: Big suspenseful spy vs spy track featuring a low end mysterious melody with a rock groove. Strange interlude transitions into a reflective middle section features a guitar solo. A return to the main theme then an edgy high tech fx ending Good for film or tv. Sports, crime, cartoon, or video games.

Description: Two sides to the coin. A mysterious introductory phrase featuring ominous synthesizers and cool effects which then breaks out into an energetic and catchy main theme along with a driving tom-tom drum groove. An electric guitar takes up the theme ending with a question. Good for tv, or film projects.

Description: A charming, magical, and appealing waltz in a fast three or "one" feel. The piano is featured playing a wizardly melody accompanied by cello and double bass. The development section features a wooden flute and the percussion enters. Great piece for all media be it documentary or fantasy genre.

Description: James Bond type track, spy or chase scene appropriate, mysterious and dramatic. Killer bass lines, solid drum beats, catchy synthesizers playing melodies and a trading fours middle section.

Description: mysterious spy thriller big production hollywood type track featuring fat bass that drives the music.

Description: A sophisticated mysteriously roaming instrumental soundscape. Features a flowing liquid type synth theme counterpointed with a brilliant loping electric bass line, a stunning guitar lead and a solid live indie sounding drum groove and a simple yet effective piano part. Useful for TV, radio or film.