Description: This trailer is perfect for fantastic and action scenes.

Description: Playful funny childish comedy cute fun easy light.

Description: dramatic, light, acoustic guitar, piano, strings

Description: A ticking and sneaky start with an ominous threatening rhythm accelerates into cinematic suspenseful strings, giving a thrilling and adventurous feeling of expectations. Get ready for full action! Great as dramatic trailer for a new cool game, film or TV series, or teaser for epic exciting sports competitions. Variants: 0:51 / 0:31 / 0:17 / 0:10

Description: Dark Ambiance Ident Dark deep slow cinematic ambiance for different projects. Submarines under water, deep blue sea, out in cold space, space ambiance, satellites, whoosh in solar system, deep dark cold basement etc. “Dark Ambiance Ident” is a short slow ident for use as: underwater soundscape, spaceship interior, creepy atmosphere, tension bed, mystic intro teaser, haunting horror, cold atmosphere, ominous foreboding nightmare, creepy logo, mean ghosts, dangerous ambiance, deep transition bed, the horror begins,etc. ambiance, anguished, atmosphere, basement, bed, blue, cinematic, cold, creepy, dangerous, dark, deep, diving, eerie, end, evil, foreboding, ghosts, haunting, horror, ident, interior, intro, logo, mean, mysterious, mystic, nightmare, ominous, satellites, sci fi, sea, ship, short, slow, solar, soundscape, space, spaceship, spooky, submarines, system, teaser, tension, transition, underwater, water, whoosh, slow tempo

Description: Playful funny childish comedy cute fun easy light.

Description: This futuristic audio logo is catchy, Made with ultra-modern sounds. This audio ident will effortlessly fit various projects and uses.